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Best AU Paying Slots

You can enjoy playing slots at any of Australia’s land-based casinos but for the best AU paying slots, you’ve come to the right place – Fair Go Aussie online casino.  Play at a level that suits you while you enjoy the casino entertainment with lucrative payouts, big bonuses and more. 

The Fair Go casino of Australia gives you a genuine casino adventure that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Log into your casino account on your PC or mobile device and choose any of the casino’s fun-filled games to play whenever and from wherever you want.

The Fair Go casino offers both three-reel and five-reel pokies, each with its own types of symbols, paylines and special elements. You can play the pokies for free, place small bets and play low-wager games or put down the maximum deposit and play for high stakes. The choice is yours – select your preferred type of pokies and start playing at your leisure. 

Casino Amenities

Playing at the Fair Go online casino means that, once you open a casino account, you can play at any time and from any location via cable, WiFi or cellular connectivity.    You can open a new account for free by submitting your email address to the casino. Pick a username and a password and confirm your account through the confirmation email that you’ll receive in your email inbox. Once you establish your account you can play any of the casino pokies or any of the other table games, card games, lotteries or variety games in the Fair Go games lobby. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that Fair Go casino offers higher payouts and bigger bonuses than those available at Australia’s land-based casinos. The online platform means that the casino doesn’t need to pay building costs or staffing expenses and can pass a bigger percentage of its profits onto players in the form of bigger wins and more cash bonuses. 

In addition, the bonus promotions are delivered as cash payouts that are added to your regular payouts. So instead of collecting bonus vouchers for meals and hotel rooms as you might in a  brick-and-mortar casino, you accrue your bonuses as part of your casino account and withdraw them as cash payouts together with your other wins.

Aussie Slots

Aussie slots are for players who want to fire up their imaginations while playing pokies for real money payouts. There are multiple types of slots including simple spin-and-win slot machines and the more dynamic five-reel video slots. 

If you are a beginning player or prefer a more sedate, low-key game, it’s advisable to select a three-reel slot machine. If you’re looking for a vibrant gaming event of multiple paylines, bonus rounds, free spins, expanding symbols, Wilds, Scatters, respins and other dynamic and interactive elements, choose a five-reel video slot machine

You can play a cash payout pokies that meets your individual tastes and interests. The games lobby features slot machines with themes that include storylines about romance, intrigue, mysticism, mystery, history, science fiction, magic, suspense, humor and more. 

Progressive Jackpot Games

Gamers who are looking for a little extra excitement can join a progressive jackpot game. Progressive jackpots are games have huge, even life-changing jackpots – sometimes well over the $1,000,000 mark.  These are games that are networked across all the casinos, which carry that game, so at any moment, there could be thousands of players bets contributing to the jackpot.  If it’s your spins that triggers the progressive jackpot you’ll receive the entire Jackpot prize.

When playing a jackpot game, be sure to bet the max – “you must be in the game to win the game” – only a max bet can win the max jackpot.

Fairgo Casino Online Pokies Australia

How to Play Aussie Pokies

It’s easy to play Aussie pokies and achieve real money wins.

Once you sign into the Fair Go casino, you choose your game and decide how to proceed with your deposits. You can play the pokies and all other casino games for free in the Free Mode but your winning paylines won’t earn you any wins.

If you decide to play for real money , you need to enable the paylines. You can enable as few or as many of the machine’s paylines as you wish and you can enable them at different levels – some paylines at a high level, some at a moderate level and some at a low level.

It’s important to remember that only those winning combinations that occur on an enabled payline will result in a winning payout. So even if you enable your paylines at a minimum amount, it’s a good idea to enable as many paylines as possible.

Casino advisors also suggest that if you’re looking for opportunities to win significant cash prizes, you should look for games that offer special features such as free spins rounds, multipliers, wild symbols and more.

You spin the reels and aim to create winning combinations. Every combination that you achieve that includes three matching symbols (or two symbols plus a Wild symbol) will result in a payout. The amount of the payout depends on the symbols – there are high-paying symbols and low-paying symbols so obviously you will be aiming to match the highest paying symbols. 

Take advantage of all of the game’s bonus options and add those bonuses to the casino bonuses for the most chances to enjoy the best results.

The best AU paying slots can be found at Fair Go, THE Australian online casino

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